Young words of wisdom

We all know children, we were all once children ourselves. Perhaps you still are. Or maybe you’ve got one or more children of your own. When you think about it: a large proportion of the world’s population consists of children. Those of us who are no longer children ourselves call those who are: our future.

Not that we listen to our future. On the contrary – we’re continually telling our future what to do. Not that our future obeys. Ever. The thing is: our future, the children of our world, don’t often get a say, not even in the eternal stories of the Bible.


Those booking a family holiday automatically opt for child-friendly accommodation. Strange. You never see ‘people-friendly’ accommodation. Would definitely something for me, actually. I’ve come across a fair few people-unfriendly beds in my time, I can tell you. But no, we plump for child-friendly instead. By which we mean that there’s always something to entertain the children. So that we don’t have to.


Thus we often miss out on their wisdom. Which is why I’m sharing a few words of wisdom, young words of wisdom.

  1. Transcendent wisdom
    Don’t make Parkinson’s your first and foremost thought. A wisdom, calmly spoken by a beautiful 15 year old girl, when we were laying the table together.
  2. Poignant wisdom
    Are people who have died nicer than people who are still alive? She was only 4 years old, when she came up with this brilliant question. Wide-eyed, thumb-sucking, pyjama-clad and a little sad. She was referring to the little sister she had never known. Even at such a tender age she understood that, in the eyes of those left behind, you somehow become a slightly better person when you die.
  3. Comforting wisdom
    We are your children. We are healthy, all three of us. We will be there when you’re older, we will look after you. Visionary, and at the same time comforting wisdom.
  4. Wisdom with a wink
    My first series of blogs was called “You’re So Young” in reference to that common response upon revealing you’ve got Parkinson’s at 46. Another kitchen table nugget, this time a wisecrack from our son: Huh? You’ve named your new website: “You’re so young.” Funny – I thought it was about you!
  5. Tender Wisdom
    You do so much; you’re always rushing around. Why not take it easy for a while? Go to bed early, read a magazine, just like normal mums do. Welcome words of wisdom, particularly for those worn out by Parkinson’s or whatever.

A top-5 of childrens’ words of wisdom. On my mind every day. Make them your own. Remember, children are the future, as well as the wisdom.