Ah I know someone with glasses like that


A very similar conversation really took place

The lady with the new glasses says: Parkinson’s? I know a few people with Parkinson’s.

Some can still walk reasonably well, but it’s their speech that’s the worst. They can’t talk clearly any more. I don’t mind though – they’re friends, after all. Some can’t live independently any more either, and others can’t even swallow. Oh dear, you often see that. They start to lose weight, making matters even worse, what with their deteriorating health and everything. You know, you don’t die of Parkinson’s, but it’s not much fun either, is it…?
At this point I raise my hand. Stop! I know!
I know all 150 plus symptoms by heart and I am horrified. Horrified that at some point I’ll get each and every one of them – next week or so, at the latest next month…..So, please don’t say another word, as it’ll only keep me awake at night.

What I didn’t say, was:

Funny that you mentioned your new glasses …I know someone with similar glasses. My goodness, it didn’t work out well for her at all. You’ll probably be okay, but this woman – well, her lenses were like jam jars within a year! Naturally she had to quit her job. I mean, you can grow old with glasses like that of course, but dear me, those glasses… And oh, I really shouldn’t tell you this but within two years she was entirely dependent on her guide dog. That’s tough, I can tell you. Then the dog went blind – can you imagine? You might as well pack up altogether, but that’s not so easy when you can’t see a thing. And don’t expect a home help to pack for you…

Hey, I’m really sorry that you have to wear glasses. It must be tough on your husband, I mean, we’re talking serious glasses here. And your children, how are they coping? They take in a lot more than you think.

@MarietteRobijn That made us laugh! Thanks for sharing, Mariette.
— michaeljfox.org (@MichaelJFoxOrg) 5 januari 2015