No 2 Parkinson’s patients are alike but they all drink too little

TapThey don’t drink enough. It’s strange, but I often see that with Parkinson’s patients. Haven’t done any research into it, but I really think you should drink more. Or don’t you have any problems with constipation? No?! Hm, right, well, you’ll probably get that at a later stage, you know. Just like sweating. Do you suffer from that yet? Parkinson’s patients get that a lot. They can’t tolerate heat very well, hence the excessive sweating.
At this point I visualise myself attached not to a drip, but rather the medical equivalent of a large garden hose. After all, I’m completely dehydrated, what with not drinking enough and sweating buckets.
As soon as I return home from this most uplifting of consultations, I grab hold of the tap and don’t let go, because I now know only too well that I & the other 60.000 Parkinson’s patients, well, we just don’t drink NEARLY enough.