This blog is going to cost you

Wim Rozenberg

My columns often make readers smile. Which used be the reason I wrote them in the first place. Until recently. I’ll explain. A while ago I read an article on BBC on comedians. I believe everything the BBC says, because I love their Week in Pictures.

This article proves that funny people have a much greater tendency towards lunacy than not-so-funny people. Funny people are constantly balancing on or over the edge of reason, thus dramatically increasing their chances of psychological misery. Particularly when they are creative.
No! That’s me – assuming my columns are at least somewhat funny and creative.
That’s it. The end. I fit the bill. What if I am that slightly weird individual as described in the BBC article, slowly going down the psychological drain? That’s bad news.
But then again – what if I am NOT funny and creative…and a perfectly normal, stable i.e. boring person? Bad news too.
I know for a fact that I made many readers smile, readers from Holland, the UK as well as from the US. I must be barking mad.
But but but! The good news is: people who laugh a lot, live longer. Laughing is terribly healthy. So it follows: if I make you, dear reader, laugh, I would really be eligible to receive some of your health care insurance dollars or euros as a Thank You from your insurance company. Because YOU, dear laughing reader, are so much healthier thanks to the smiles my columns give you.
This hurts. Here I am, poor maniac, tapping away and risking serious lunacy only to make YOU grow old, like a 100, smiling your way through life.
It only seems fair to ask YOU 1 dollar or 1 euro for each column that makes you smile. And you know what, you can read it as often as you like, all for 1 dollar or 1 euro.
Health never came so cheap. For you, that is.