From Huizen. With Love. (EN version)

ParkinspyHow are you supposed to muddle along with your work and everything? They advise you not to set your bar too high. That, quite frankly, is an insult. You’re talented, you want to have it all, you can do anything you set your mind to, so why on earth should you lower your bar? A different bar or slightly less bars, now that’s another matter. But a lower bar? That’s the same as gunning for gold in the 200m and then going for a cool-down instead. A different bar then. I recently read about a job that I would truly excel in. If, like me, you’ve got Parkinson’s, then I urge you to read on. Because this, dear reader, might just be something for you.

Requisite skills

  1. Creativity
  2. Survivor’s mentality
  3. Flexible, ability to improvise (when left hand side not working properly, capable of switching to right)
  4. A versatile athlete: superlative motor skills, excels in endurance sports and intensive training, indoors, outdoors, any doors
  5. Oozes inner calm (thanks to superior capacity for rapid acceptance of change)
  6. A fighter, prepared to start boxing or improve current boxing proficiency
  7. Outward appearance can be in total contrast with inner perspicacity
  8. Striking outward appearance that’s the perfect camouflage for internal vigor
  9. Can handle underestimation and even invisible heroics
  10. A team player who constantly performs and delivers, equally capable of working under own initiative
  11. Shines in challenging, restrictive situations
  12. Ready to take on the challenge of a lifetime


That, dear reader, is the tough, new bar I’ve set for you. And, just so you don’t get too complacent – I’ll be setting it still higher on a regular basis.

Happen to fulfill these requirements?

Then I invite you to apply for the position of Parkinspy. Don’t worry, you won’t have to shoot anyone or cause undue harm. And, if you manage to pass the selection process, which I’m pretty sure you will, then you’ll get to join an elite team. Indeed, the Parkinspy Board is eager to recruit you.

You’ll not only benefit from an excellent remuneration package; you’ll get straight to work in the field (your old job will be handed over to a younger model).

Your bar will be set way too high – but only for someone who lacks your skills. You, on the other hand, you with your dopamine-features, you’re in high demand. You will be given a license too.

A License to kill your ambitions – I don’t think so!
Rather, dear Parkinspy, a License to live.