It’s been 50 years since 6/6/66, Life, so can I have a word?


You’ve stuck by me for 50 years now Life. And you’ve given me a lot. A healthy and playful youth, two degrees, a couple of foreign forays in London and Tokyo, a career, the lot. Thank you, Life.

You’ve given me 2600 weeks, the last 1200 of which the ‘we’ has embraced the ‘me’. Life – I want to thank you for changing ‘Me’ into ‘We’. For the husband in a thousand, no, a million, the one and only. For the happiness our children bring. Words fail me, Life. You’ve given parents, brothers and sisters, Life. Thank you. And, Life, you’ve given us friends, because you knew only too well how much we, okay, I in particular, love to talk with friends.

Ah, remember that imaginary contract of mine? Well, let’s forget all about it. What’s the point of contracts when they don’t even exist.

Between you and me, Life: you’re a real piece of work. And, Life, you’re not exactly making our journey easy.

I have a distinct feeling we’re only half way through this whole 6/6/66 business.
So, Life, what are we waiting for? We’ve got Things to do.