StripeyDressy devises a formula

socksSay what you like, but the lives of most women share 1 Big Constant.

Regardless of how hard you toil in that office, shop, factory, or whatever; it always comes back to haunt you. At the kitchen table, in the bedroom, wherever. No matter how terribly well-educated, ill-educated, or self-educated you are, it never goes away. Your Facebook friends serve only to confirm this One Thing is as constant as fb. You can moan to your husband that you weren’t born for this. You can traipse to the market for 60 of the same. You can even go on strike. Won’t make a blind bit of difference. It’s all for nothing, to no avail. Because the constant keeps doing what it does best: existing.

Whatever happens

Your husband might run off with another woman, your child might leave for the States, you might even move there yourself. But it still never goes away. Even if you resort to living out of your suitcase. And it’s definitely a woman thing, that’s for sure. Otherwise our friend Einstein would have devised a formula for it. Something about left and right relativity and things remaining the same. Doubt you’d get a Nobel Peace Prize for that though. Or a medal. Despite the fact that it’s an obvious act of charity.

My hours doing this

Want to know how many hours I’ve devoted to precisely this in my lifetime so far? Well, according to my trusty excel spreadsheet: 700 hours. 700 hours Sorting Socks. The 1 Big Constant. Who’s going to come up with a formula for that? I’m thinking something along the lines of L x P x W = H (L lone sock, P people in the household, W wash cycle, H hours sorting).