StripeyDressy is going into the tattoo business

Everyone under the age of 30 has known about it for years, but I had to hear it from the BBC. In fact, I only believe something if the BBC says it. I’m now pleased to be able to share my discovery with the rest of you over 30’s. It’s about a whole new line of work for copywriters, body of work actually.


Latin or Hebrew or Sanskrit

The best thing about it is that everything we copywriters write, remains there for good. Always and forever. And a lot of people get to see it too – partners, nurses, fitness trainers, friends, your grandmother, your next door neighbour’s cat. I’d love to come up with some clever copy for that. It’s often in Arabic or Latin – I hear Beckham has a Hebrew text or something. Dunno. But, you ask, we type. An early adopter of this latest phenomenon said this about it:

Why text and not a picture? “I can’t think of an image that would have the same emotional meaning as a quote.”

Music to the ears of a copywriter like StripeyDressy. Only challenge is that I’m not familiar with the audience. Who are they exactly? Should I go to Amsterdam and station myself outside a shop to find out? And should I wear my work dressy or something more hip? Should I have one myself? Whatever. I’m off to Amsterdam, to the tattoo shop. To cash in on the current trend. With my new marketing slogan: copy that cuts a fine figure. Because the time of skulls and roses is well and truly over. Text tattoos are the way to go. Better just check whether I need to mirror them and then, whoosh! StripeyDressy goes into the tattoo business.