Ah I know some with Parkinson's....

⭐︎ What to say to a person without Parkinson’s. 9 Tips.

Some of my best friends don’t have parkinson’s, but I still respect them. It can be hard though, to know exactly what to say at the right time without putting your foot in it. I mean, if you don’t have parkinson’s, what DO you have? Can’t be anything special, now, can it. But that’s where we are wrong, we, the people with parkinson’s. So to help you in your next encounter with someone who very clearly does not have parkinson’s, taking you quite off guard, I've drawn up a little list of things to say or ask. 1. I respect you…

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☆ The worst parkinson’s prejudices are mine.

PrejudiceThe great thing about getting a nasty disease is that you start to appreciate the little things in life soooo much more than you used to. Isn’t it just wonderful to watch the sun rise, set, or whatever your sun does? To hear a bird sing, even if this particular little thing does keep you awake at 5 in the morning. You know, you’re just so happy to be alive, that not even a bird singing the same song over and over and OVER again, can change that. And it’s so liberating, a disease, don’t you think? I mean, you needn’t worry about your appearance anymore; it’s only inner beauty that counts after all. Ha. If you only knew, you definitely wouldn’t think THAT any more, believe you me. (more…)

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⭐︎ Afraid

I thought that I was scared, but it seems that others are every bit as scared as me. Scared of me, my Parkinson’s, my fear, my tears. How you notice exactly, I can’t quite put my finger on, but you do notice. An imperceptible, almost reverent expectation. And then comes the inevitable question, the question that I too would still dearly love to answer: how did you first spot it? There’s always another hidden question within, a sort of self-check. Because, let’s face it, when someone tells you about the first time they realised that they had Alzheimer’s/cancer/depression/or any other sickness…

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