Ah I know some with Parkinson's....

Mariëtte Robijn

  • Born 6-6-66
  • Childhood: friends, family, climbing trees, reading, playing, school.
  • Education: Master in Health Care Management, Bachelor in Modern Japanese Studies
  • Also lived in: Tokyo, London, Amsterdam
  • Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese

DX at 46. ‘If writing is your talent, you will keep that talent’ the neurologist said at dx.

Interested in

Co-founder of ParkinsonSport.nl, a unique not for profit organisation by and for people with Parkinson’s.

Rock Steady Boxing Het Gooi – affiliate owner and certified coach.

Inventor of the Exercise Dispenser

Resources, other than national Parkinson’s Foundations:

Communications & Marketing at Finodex.nl and iris.nl. Specialists in mechanical trading systems for retail investors. Unique range of trading systems, using complex options strategies to help retail investors to generate income. Offering mobile Copy Trade, for 1 click conversion of trading signals into orders for the broker.

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