Blog about dealing with the things that life throws at us, both the happy and the sad.
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Blog over de gewone en ongewone dingen die op je pad komen. Optimistisch, verdrietig, af en toe wijs, grappig of stemmig.
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Misson of the NPF: "We make life better for people with Parkinson’s through expert care and research. Everything we do helps people actively enjoy life with their friends, families, children and grandchildren until there is a tomorrow without Parkinson’s." The NPF has shared a selection of my blogs: voldemort and parkinson's 10 things I'd tell myself if I were my friend Sorry, you're the 50.000th visitor

Thank you, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Promise "The Michael J. Fox Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson's disease through an aggressively funded research agenda and to ensuring the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson's today. " Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your guest blogger with: "It's so not you!"

Selection of Parkinson’s blogs

Dear Parkinson's. Get Your Hands Off My Cake. Now.

If you’d told me four years ago that we’d be having a new veranda erected in the garden today, I’d never have believed you. Or that we’d both still be working and I’d have put on 8 kilos despite having exercised more over the past 4 years than I ever did in the previous 46. Nope, I’d never have believed you back then.


Parkinson’s therapy consists of medication and exercise. Most of the people with Parkinson’s use a drug dispenser to make sure they take their meds on time. I do.

Aah I know someone with glasses like that

The lady with the new glasses says: Parkinson’s? I know a few people with Parkinson’s. Some can still walk reasonably well, but it’s their speech that’s the worst. They can’t talk clearly any more. I don’t mind though – they’re friends, after all. Some can’t live independently any more either, and others can’t even swallow.

The New Cool

I was 4 years old and made a Decision. The photo captures the moment perfectly. I might have been young, but I decided that the photographer was stupid, along with his studio, the backdrop and everything else. And with that decision came a vision: in my life, I was going to do things very differently.

The best doctor

Thank goodness! My neurologist doesn’t know what my sluggish hand feels like. He has no idea how it feels to crawl out of bed, stiff as a board


Disruptive is quite a good word. A word that actually sounds similar to what it means. Not quite like rupture, which is usually bad news. Disruptive is better.

Dear hairdresser

I’d been needing to go for two weeks. I’d tried salvaging it with a little mousse, gel and wax, but without much success. At the kitchen table the kids suggested: short isn’t necessarily the answer, mama. True, but neither is long.

How to talk to my neurologist. Ten tips

ID card? Where’s my hospital ID card? And socks, am I wearing clean10 tips socks? What if I have to undergo an examination for one thing or another, on that paper-covered couch in my whiffy socks. And he’ll naturally assume (I have a he) that I’m not looking after myself properly anymore. You bet he’ll ask: are you having difficulties getting dressed?

Prejudices about Parkinson's. The worst are mine.

The great thing about getting a nasty disease is that you start to appreciate the little things in life soooo much more than you used to. Isn’t it just wonderful to watch the sun rise, set, or whatever your sun does? To hear a bird sing, even if this particular little thing does keep you awake at 5 in the morning.

Selectie van Immejurkies

Duurzaam wintersportjurkie

Het is hier zoooo fantastisch, ja, okee, de heenreis was natuurlijk crisis, sneeuwkettingen vergeten, maar als je er eenmaal bent, echt heerlijk, we komen helemaal bij, we hadden het ook wel nodig, heb je trouwens die prachtige blauwe lucht gezien, je zou hier eigenlijk moeten gaan wonenironische blogs over skivakanties, snap niet dat we dit niet vaker doen

Deze column kost een euro

Immejurkies leveren vaak een glimlach op bij de lezer. Daar deed ik het altijd voor. Tot voor kort. Dat moet ik even uitleggen.


Weet je nog van dat knokken? Dat deden ze in verkiezingstijd, knokken. Tot in Den Haag nota bene. Voor ons, zodat wij een beter leven krijgen. Ze knokten soms keihard, waarbij ik denk dat ze dan dus nog harder sloegen. Spreekwoordelijk.

Ik wil van mijn regie af

WAAAAT??? Het klopt. Ik wil er vanaf, van die hele regie. Vooral van die over de zorg die ik ontvang. Regie is namelijk een woord dat helemaal niet bij zorg hoort.