Ah I know some with Parkinson's....

And then the oh so familiar question:
“Have you accepted it?”
A question of genuine concern and empathy.
But irrelevant.
“Have you set off on your journey yet?”
That’s the real question.


🇾🇪 Dank je wel dat je mijn site bezoekt. Je kunt hier een paar series blogs lezen. De Parkinson blogs, de Koninkrijk Parkinson Serie en de Immejurkies. Je mag ze lezen, delen, printen. Er rust copyright op al mijn werk. Je komt mijn blogs ook tegen bij de Michael J. Fox Foundation, bij de Parkinson Foundation, de Parkinson Vereniging en bij het World Parkinson Congress (WPC2019).

Vertaler/proofreader: Lesley Kristensen Gunn
Fotograaf: Wim Rozenberg

🇬🇧 Thank you for visiting my website. This is where you can read 4 series of blogs. Blogs on Parkinson’s, the Kingdom of Parkinson’s Series, the StripeyDressy Series and a few Rock Steady Boxing blogs. You are welcome to read, share or even print them. Please protect my copyrights. You may come across my blogs at the Michael J. Fox Foundation, the Parkinson Foundation, the Dutch Parkinson Foundation and the World Parkinson Congress (WPC2019).

Translator/proofreader: Lesley Kristensen Gunn
Photographer: Wim Rozenberg

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