Ah I know some with Parkinson's....

The New Cool when you’ve got Parkinson’s

Living with parkinsonsI was 4 years old and made a Decision. The photo captures the moment perfectly. I might have been young, but I decided that the photographer was stupid, along with his studio, the backdrop and everything else. And with that decision came a vision: in my life, I was going to do things very differently. By the time I was around 7 years of age and, at last, allowed to cycle to school on my own, I was sure I could have cycled on my own yeeaars earlier. Confirming my vision at the photographer’s studio: Just you wait until I can make all of my own decisions. My life will be so exciting and eventful! (more…)

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What do other people know, that I don’t? Everybody appears to have seen the movie, all of it, every scene. Even the parts that were later cut. And the bloopers. Ah, and the bonus material about what might happen if…. the audience shivers, brrrr, imagine having that condition! Can you pass the popcorn please, come on, let’s watch another movie, this one’s not cool. The thing is, I’m the only one who’s not in the audience. Even though the movie is all about me and the 60,000 other parkinson’s patients in the Netherlands. Even though it’s about the scenarios already laid…

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