Ah I know some with Parkinson's....

StripeyDressy never had a baby in a tree.

Did I tell you about this lady who had a baby in a tree? Goodness me! I’ve got such terrible pack pain. Oh yeah, I suffer from that too. But in my case it’s a suspected double hernia. Nothing they can do for it. At least you can still walk, I see. I feel awful. Such a bad head! Must be that hay fever again. Oh yeah, I know someone with that. They can’t step foot out of the house these days, not unless they’re wearing a sort of space suit. Now that is bad. Have you any idea just how…

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★ Doctorspeak vs Plumberspeak

https://vimeo.com/345161865 Ever been to a medical specialist? Ever had a plumber in your house? After reading this blog you will be able to distinguish between doctor-speak and plumber-speak. Let’s start with the plumber. Picture the plumber checking the drains. Most likely they’re horribly out of date. In fact, love, you’ve been sitting on a time bomb. Dunno who installed this bathroom. Good grief, you were lucky not to have a real disaster on your hands. What a mess! Can’t believe it! Sorry love, but you wouldn’t know which idiot is responsible for this? And you paid them HOW MUCH???!! Cowboys! It’s…

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Comedy is Tragedy plus Time

Although you might not normally put it quite like that. Not unless you’ve been absorbed in your own personal tragedy for a very long time. Tragedy + Time. That’s exactly how Michael J. Fox put it in an interview, and he certainly knows what he’s talking about. He makes light of it; he’s not going to dwell on his tragedy. Not anymore. (more…)

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From the comfort of your own chaos

Chaos dealing with parkinson'sWho to call in the middle of the night, when you’re in despair? Who’s online even, at 03:00am? Now you know why I publish in your time zone, dear readers in the US, Canada and Australia. Joking.

I’m afraid there’s hardly anyone you can call. And you don’t want to be waking your partner for the 1000th time either. So there you are. Just deal with it, you keep telling yourself. Go to sleep, breathe, read or whatever. But just deal with it. (more…)

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Coverstory of Parkinson Magazine, October 13, 2015

This is the EN translation of the coverstory of Parkinson Magazine, October 13, 2015

Thank you, Dutch Parkinson Society – for allowing me to share my story.
Thank you, Astrid Smits, editor of the Parkinson Magazine, for the interview, patience and for so carefully putting my story into words.
My friend Lesley Gunn translated the original NL version into EN.

For those who cannot write.
For those who can’t find the courage to write.
For those who, just like me, can be at a loss what to do with this Parkinson’s business.
For those who have a story to share, but are unable to do so.
It’s for you that I am sharing my story in Parkinson’s Magazine. Written (NL) by a careful editor, Astrid Smits.
This story is about me, about you perhaps, reader.
Thank you Dutch Parkinson’s Society, for allowing me to share my story. (more…)

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