Ah I know some with Parkinson's....

The New Cool when you’ve got Parkinson’s

Living with parkinsonsI was 4 years old and made a Decision. The photo captures the moment perfectly. I might have been young, but I decided that the photographer was stupid, along with his studio, the backdrop and everything else. And with that decision came a vision: in my life, I was going to do things very differently. By the time I was around 7 years of age and, at last, allowed to cycle to school on my own, I was sure I could have cycled on my own yeeaars earlier. Confirming my vision at the photographer’s studio: Just you wait until I can make all of my own decisions. My life will be so exciting and eventful! (more…)

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★ Doctorspeak vs Plumberspeak

https://vimeo.com/345161865 Ever been to a medical specialist? Ever had a plumber in your house? After reading this blog you will be able to distinguish between doctor-speak and plumber-speak. Let’s start with the plumber. Picture the plumber checking the drains. Most likely they’re horribly out of date. In fact, love, you’ve been sitting on a time bomb. Dunno who installed this bathroom. Good grief, you were lucky not to have a real disaster on your hands. What a mess! Can’t believe it! Sorry love, but you wouldn’t know which idiot is responsible for this? And you paid them HOW MUCH???!! Cowboys! It’s…

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Which disease shouts the loudest?

microfoonParkinson’s. Without a shadow of a doubt. Indeed, we 50,000 Dutch parkinson’s patients are responsible for literally dozens of blogs. If you Google the search term ‘Parkinson’s blogs’ you come up with a whopping 249,000 hits in the Netherlands alone – that’s roughly 5 per patient. The 450,000 Dutch cancer patients on the other hand, are responsible for only 700,000 hits on ‘cancer blogs’, which equates to less than 2 per patient. (more…)

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Comedy is Tragedy plus Time

Although you might not normally put it quite like that. Not unless you’ve been absorbed in your own personal tragedy for a very long time. Tragedy + Time. That’s exactly how Michael J. Fox put it in an interview, and he certainly knows what he’s talking about. He makes light of it; he’s not going to dwell on his tragedy. Not anymore. (more…)

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