Ah I know some with Parkinson's....


What will you be craving in your tent, camper van, holiday cottage or hotel room this summer? Are you addicted to anything and everything like me, or are you totally at Zen with yourself. A StripyZenny, so to speak?

Let me guess what your Stripyddictions are!

• Your own bed – I get it
• Your own toilet – I get that too
• Your own kitchen table – you’ll manage without it
• Your own kitchen and kitchen utensils – true, but you’ll soon get used to that eeny meeny kitchen with its weird spoons and strange plastic egg cups
• Facebook – luckily you can get wifi for x euros per day. Only problem is you can’t post ‘Hey, dear friends back home! Having a great holiday and btw our house is now totally unguarded for the next 3 weeks. Which is a trifle dull.
• Twitter – ditto
• Whatsapp etc – terrible, especially if you come to home to a phone bill that rivals the cost of your entire holiday
• M&S – I get it
• Your favourite magazine articles – personally, I don’t have that problem, because I write my own
• Your work – I get it. It takes a few days to unwind and appreciate France, Italy or wherever else you happen to be holidaying this year
• Your own supermarket – I know, tell me about it! Visiting that oversized French hypermarché for crackers, eggs or ice bags quickly loses its appeal
• Your tube journey to work – yes, you’ll even start to miss that daily ordeal. Especially after 20 toll booths, countless traffic jams, those dirty service station toilets and the accumulation of two weeks’ worth of empty snack wrappers and drinks cans that has transformed your family car into a mobile dustbin.

After a week or two you’ll return home, slightly more tanned and slightly less addicted than before. Which is perfect! Because whilst that holiday abroad really was fantastic, there’s actually nothing more pleasurable than surrendering yourself to your trusty Stripyddictions once more. And, let’s face it – there’s no place like home… particularly when it comes to wifi!

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