Ah I know some with Parkinson's....

Sanitary Block

cropped-Standaard-e1456131209441.gifYou should try calculating just how much water your family flushes down the drain. Per day. Often warm water too. Gallons and gallons. I mean, do you have any idea what your annual water consumption is? I do, but my lips are sealed. Then, of course, you’ve got to clean your shower. With water. That takes some time, I can tell you! The act of showering itself also costs a considerable amount of time. A quick break-down: you gather some clothes, search for a dry towel, go back for clean underwear, undress, shower, ahhh – nice and warm – take a moment to unwind, apply a little shampoo, conditioner – mmmm lovely – oh yeah, have a wash and then verrrrry briefly rinse yourself. Afterwards you dry yourself off, slap on some moisturiser (not me, it’s not my thing), get dressed, remove your makeup (nope, doesn’t apply to me either) and then brush your teeth. By the time everyone’s had their evening shower, you’re easily two hours down.

And I’m quick as a flash in the shower. Not everyone is. Which gives rise to certain Situations – Situations that those with only 1 bathroom are all too familiar with. Or only 2 toilets. Or only one dishwasher. But I now have a plan. A cunningly simple plan. A plan I concocted during a brief, unexpected bonus holiday. Camping with the entire family for the first time. The caravan, belonging to a dear friend, stood ready and waiting. So, all of a sudden, there we were. On a deck chair, staring at all of the other caravans and campers. I had done plenty of camping in my time, so was on familiar territory. What struck me though, is that campers now apparently no longer greet each other. Weird. And they blow-dry their hair in the toilet block. Highly ‘uncamplike’ behaviour in my opinion.

But back to the plan. During our short camping trip we discovered the luxury of a coin-operated machine next to the showers. Next to the 5 showers. The first few days we had to divide 3 coins among the five of us, so naturally I always enjoyed a warm shower. After that we procured some coin rolls from the bank.

I don’t think I need elaborate much on the plan. We have a fairly large garden, the council certainly won’t make a fuss over one additional sewage pipe and, hey, it gives that ‘holiday’ feel all year round. So, here’s the question: Does anyone happen to have a sanitary block for sale? Preferably with 5 showers, 5 toilets and, hahahaha, a washing up unit. Although, 4 showers would probably do, because I think it’s only right that I’m still allowed to shower inside. Just ask my neurologist, I’m sure he’d agree.

Ps – a coin-operated machine is a must

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