Ah I know some with Parkinson's....

Parkinson’s? Oh, you know, business as usual

parkinson's is business as usualLet me get to the point straight away: if you don’t regard your Parkinson’s as NORMAL, then you’ll never make it. Most people will consider it normal sooner or later. If you work in healthcare and Parkinson’s is your day job for example, then Parkinson’s is perfectly normal. You’ll eventually get to retire from Parkinson’s and go and do something else, just like normal people do. If your father or grandmother happened to spend their final years suffering from Parkinson’s, then you’ll likely consider that kind of normal too.So, if my hand becomes a little stiffer, then that’s also just matter-of-factly-normal too.

Unusually out of the ordinary

If you don’t consider your Parkinson’s ordinarily NORMAL, then you’ll never be able to live an ordinary life. However, be careful not to consider it too normal. Just you keep an eye out for those differences between normal and not so normal. Just you keep on fighting for the normal you that you used to be.

Those working in Parkinson’s research or health care can do one of two things: either consider Parkinson’s perfectly NORMAL and try to make the best of it for the patient concerned. Or consider it completely extraordinarily statistically ABnormal, and go out of your usual way and to do something about it. Because what your patient is enduring, is frankly anything but normal.

So, neuroscientist, don’t you even begin to think this is normal

I believe that scientists, healthcare providers, doctors, or anyone else in the healthcare business for that matter, should be extraordinarily ambitious. They have to think: this is just beyond normal. It’s way too heavy a burden for this guy and his friends and family to bear. We’ve simply got to do something about it.

The last thing any neuroscientist should do, is think within the usual parkinson’s box. If you happen to have any extraordinary neuroscientific skills: use them or lose them.

pink elephant

I, on the other hand, SHOULD start regarding my
Parkinson’s as normal. Normal enough to enable me to lead an ordinary life. Yet, still abnormal enough to continue exercising, resting and persevering with all that l
ife throws at me. Abnormal enough to believe that my future will be bright and happy. And normal enough not to focus on everything that could possibly go wrong.
If I keep thinking that this slight glitch called parkinson’s is approximately the size of a pink elephant in the room, then how am I supposed to behave like a normal 50-year old?



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