Rock Steady Boxing. 100% Parkinson’s.

Rock Steady Boxing

‘If you want to be able to walk reasonably well 20 years from now, then you’d better start exercising’, said the neurologist more than 6 years ago, when we’d just received my Parkinson’s diagnosis.

If you’ve got Parkinson’s, exercise is of vital importance. Next to medicine, exercise is the key way of limiting the disease’s impact on your quality of life. There are approximately 600 people with Parkinson’s disease in ‘t Gooi area of the Netherlands alone. And we each need to exercise 5 times per week. Which equates to some 3,000 exercise sessions per week. In contrast, the number of well-equipped gyms that offer a Parkinson’s specific exercise programme in our region is 0. Unfortunately ‘ordinary’ team or group sporting activities are unsuitable for people with Parkinson’s. Imagine you’ve been an avid hockey player for 45 years … and suddenly you can no longer play due to Parkinson’s. Where do you go? How can you find something that requires as much dedication and is fun and healthy to boot?

Can every man and his dog provide a Parkinson’s boxing programme?

The average gym or physiotherapy practice cannot start something like ‘Parkinson’s boxing’, without a well-devised plan. Indeed, plonking a group of people with a serious neurological, progressive, degenerative disease into a sports hall and encouraging them to box without such a plan would be bordering on reckless. If your training isn’t precisely tailored to the complexity and severity of Parkinson’s disease, then I’m afraid you underestimate the motor and non-motor suffering of people with Parkinson’s.

Rock Steady Boxing – 100% Parkinson’s  

Rock Steady Boxing is an innovative boxing method from America, backed up by scientific research. One of the few (if not only) sports that satisfies the 3 key criteria for Parkinson’s exercise regimes:

  • 100% tailored to Parkinson’s, scientifically proven and highly effective.
  • Safe and suitable for anyone with Parkinson’s, regardless the severity of their symptoms.
  • Socially stimulating; team exercise motivates and inspires.

Did you know?

Boxing is the most multidimensional of all sports. And that’s precisely why Rock Steady Boxing is the perfect exercise regime for people with Parkinson’s. Because (unfortunately) almost no disease is as multidimensional as Parkinson’s.

Rock Steady Boxing – since 2006

Rock Steady Boxing, the first boxing method of its kind in the US, was established in 2006 by Marion County (Indiana) Prosecutor, Scott C. Newman, who was diagnosed Parkinson at a young age. Boxers, people with Parkinson’s, neurologists, physiotherapists and scientists agree: Rock Steady Boxing works, improving both the motor and non-motor quality of life.

HOW big…?



Rock Steady Boxing


Next time: what do scientists think of Rock Steady Boxing?

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