Quotes from Parkinson Disease Foundation Uganda

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Parkinson Disease Foundation Uganda, Didi Luku Ronald (director)

Don’t let the visibility of your parkinson’s make you become invisible its easy to become introverted with PD. never be ashamed of how you look

Engage with your parkinson’s, understand it, study it, research shows people who get involved and proactively face up to their condition have a better quality of life

Get a good balance of exercise, diet and sleep, these three things are just as important as our medication to our overall well being

Treating parkinson’s requires a team approach involving not only the person living with PD, but also family members, the physician and other health care professionals’

Staying informed about PD has helped me PD patients to live better with the disease

PD TIPS FROM PD UGANDA, avoid eating late, try to have your main protein meal in the evening and eat easily digestible foods, also avoid too much protein during the day if you are taking L-DOPA

Empathise, see things from the point of view of those around you. you are not the only one affected by parkinson’s in fact others around you may be affected by your parkinson’s even more than you are.

In your 20s, 30s and 40s there are alots of life plans. going traveling, climbing the career ladder, getting married, starting a family, launching your own bussiness. getting a diagnosis of parkinson’s disease, No that last one wasn’t part of the plan was it? so, let’s draw up a new plan.


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