Ah I know some with Parkinson's....

eHealth should drop the e and add the care

ehealth from a patient's point of viewHere’s a patient’s view on eHealth (and why we should drop the ‘e’ and add ‘care’.)

As a SaaS business owner in the fintech industry and as a girl with Parkinson’s I believe that:

1. Nothing can ever replace personal and direct contact with a doctor

2. eHealth is not an online product such as Airbnb, as Airbnb offers a clearly defined ‘product’ that people actually wánt, while eHealth is or aims to be a ‘process’ to achieve what people need

3. eHealth needs marketing, think webinars, think online training, to increase adaptation – eHealth is not a ‘fun’ thing in a patient’s life, which will make ‘conversion’ harder

4. We don’t want to tumble into the old pitfall of supply driven (eHealth)care vs demand driven (eHealth)care.

5. The definition of eHealth, anyone? Aaah now we’re getting somewhere. eHealth is a noun, invented by digital inventors. Healthcare is a noun containing a verb. Healthcare was not invented, it simply exists, develops, changes – but it exists and each of us can describe its meaning. But eHealth, well, eeer, technology, digital thingymebobs, virtual chats with doc, that sort of thing. That’s where the ‘failing’ comes in: the verb ‘to Care’ is missing.

Drop the e, add Care

At some point the ‘e’ will drop off. In the investment industry we’re not developing e-option strategies or e-option parameters or e-API’s. Same goes for eHealth: at some point eHealth will simply be known as Healthcare.

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