Ah I know some with Parkinson's....

Why it’s a good thing that a doctor doesn’t talk like a plumber. 

Right, love, let’s get this brain into the MRI….NOOO! Can’t believe you still know your own name. My goodness, whoever did your veins did not have the first idea what he was doing… Quack! Wow, I’ve seen a lot in my time…but honestly. You came by in the nick of time. Better get this sorted. It might take a few months to get you back on track, but hey, you want to function somewhat reasonably, right, love?

I need new tools

You're so used to be able to do everything and anything. Got tools for just about everything. Especially those automated jobs, like walking or smiling. Or shrugging your shoulders. Or getting up fast to go and do something even faster. Or answer a question really quickly. Tap your fingers just for fun or out of impatience. Now that is weird! My tools, where did I put them? I really need them, you know. Especially when multi-tasking. Talking, cycling and remembering where I was going to in the first place - can't do them all at once anymore. Have to let go of at least one task. Can't believe it. Things used to run so smoothly and automatically. So where will I get new tools? Hm. Might have to throw a few things together myself. Think up work-arounds. Clean the kitchen left-handed in stead of right-handed. Try not to think of…

When you are strong, you have to be kind

Fotografie Rozenberg
One simple image is more than enough to convey my message: a strong pair of hands holding an infant. Everyone gets that. Strong hands that are ohhhhh so soft and tender. The infant needs the strength and tenderness that those big hands afford.


Parkinson’s – the least of my problems

Wim Rozenberg Fotografie #wjrpics

Your life consists of good and not good. Regardless of whether that’s self-induced or caused by someone or something else. Sometimes it can hover between the two, sort of semi-good. But mostly it’s simply good or not good.


Things that you do/don’t/never have to get used to

 Oh, I could get used to that! That glorious sunshine, that peace and tranquillity, that plush bed, that fancy house. You’d better get used to it. There’s nothing else for it. Hm, this might take a bit of getting used to. This getting up at 6 am business. Ugh!  Well, you’ll just have to get used to it. It’s not going to change. I’ll never get used to the fact that he/she is no longer around. I wouldn’t get too used to it, if I were you. It’s not a given that he/she will continue doing everything for you. You’d better appreciate it. Those learning the Dutch language quickly encounter the word ‘wennen’ (to get used to). Try completing the sentences: you do get used to it/they’ll just have to get used to it/yep, tricky that, if you’re not used to it. Things that you do have to get used to…

#theyhavedifficultydualtasking #Parkinsons #therapist

 “So, you have to get them to do exercises, where they have to perform two or more tasks simultaneously. This trains their brains, because this type of thing isn’t easy for these people, you know. It’s nothing to worry about, but you do have to know how to deal with them. You’ll also start to notice that they tend to respond more slowly to what you ask of them. So, you have to tell them twice. Which is good to be aware of. You have to challenge them by the way, because they need it. You’ll sometimes notice that they’re a bit…what’s that word again? Apathetic? Yeah. Apathetic. So, you have to motivate them. I get them to play a game during the training session, for example. They like that. I personally think that there’s a big difference between them. That, believe it or not, they’re actually all very different.…

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