Ah I know some with Parkinson's too...

Why it’s a good thing that a doctor doesn’t talk like a plumber. 

Right, love, let’s get this brain into the MRI….NOOO! Can’t believe you still know your own name. My goodness, whoever did your veins did not have the first idea what he was doing… Quack! Wow, I’ve seen a lot in my time…but honestly. You came by in the nick of time. Better get this sorted. It might take a few months to get you back on track, but hey, you want to function somewhat reasonably, right, love?

Did I tell you the one about the basketball player, the neurologist and the blogger?

If you’re the greatest basketball player in the world, then you consistently score in 450 out of every 500 shots. In other words, you’ve got a 90% success rate. Not bad, huh? But when that same basketball player appears on the news, it’s all about those 450 baskets and not the 50 failed attempts. Meanwhile, said basketball player is, himself, busy fretting about his 50 missed shots and how to reduce these to 40 ... 30 ... 20 ... 10 ... 0. And realising that it’s simply not possible. The greatest neurologist If you’re the greatest neurologist in the world, everyone expects you to boast a 100% success rate in diagnosis and treatment. But, it’s simply not possible. And, heaven forbid you make a genuine mistake. A claim, medical disciplinary procedure or a bad reputation will undoubtedly ensue. And you’ll drag the name of your hospital down with it. Trust…

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It Takes Two


When something major happens, you tend to want to share it with someone. You’re feeling shocked or happy or sad, and that can be too much for one heart.


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You (don’t) know what you’re missing

My right hand used to be so strong! I could do anything I wanted with it and consider that perfectly normal. These days, whenever I see my right hand, I know: you used to be so strong. You’re doing your best, but you’re definitely not what you used to be. And my heart breaks a little. (more…)

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You only live twice

#wjrpics Fotografie Wim Rozenberg

There’s still so much that I want to do. Please don’t tell me that I won’t be able to. That my dreams will go up in virtual smoke.

Please don’t tell me that, Life.


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Tell me about your Life

    Tell me about when you were little; the hands with which you played in the sand, the food you shunned, the small heartaches and the huge plans. Tell me about a time when you were so sure that you’d grow up big and strong, and what you would and wouldn’t do. Tell me about the grownups, the role models in your fledgling world. Tell me about your home and your place at the kitchen table. Tell me about your first despair, your first triumph. Your very first hero. Tell me what makes you happy and sad or, better still, what makes you giggle uncontrollably. And when was the last time. Tell me what you're good and not so good at. Tell me which faces are forever in your mind, which eyes you love to see. Tell me about your favorite book, the music that makes your heart leap.…

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The Hello Parkinson’s Hamper


When you had a baby, you could order a ‘hello-baby-hamper’. Don’t get me wrong – 20 years ago this was perfectly normal (I recently discovered that they still exist, by the way).

And that ‘hamper’. It was always a cardboard box crammed with all kinds of useful, cute, practical, sweet baby things. For the joyful mothers of joyful babies. Whether you screamed all day long in tandem with your screaming baby; it mattered not a jot. You were labelled ‘joyful’. (more…)

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10 things you shoud never google when you have parkinson’s

10 things you should never google if you’ve got Parkinson’s …never in a million years. How high is your risk of invalidity What happens to those dopa-producing cells that are dying off Is it hereditary Eyesight Impulsive behaviour Dementia and how you (don't) recognise it How many people with Parkinson’s can still work 10 years after diagnosis Cognitive problems What else can you get? Depression Believe me - google 1 to 9 just a little too often, and number 10 is a given.

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Up close

From a distance, we all look more or less the same. Chinese people live in China, green trees grow in green woods, and grass is just grass. A desert comprises simply sand, and that’s pretty much just how it is. People with Parkinson’s have Parkinson’s, and there are millions of them. (more…)

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Parkinson’s First Aid Part II. Resistance.

Remember that sea, those swirling waves and the bambino on the beach with his bucket and spade? And that sandcastle?

Well, today, I misplaced my own trusty spade. Had absolutely no idea where I’d put it. Not that I had sandcastles on my mind. Far from it. But I did want my spade back. On a day like today, not everything works and what does, works only by half. (more…)

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