ExerciseDispenser. Easy, cheap, effective Parkinson’s exercise tool.

Mariette RobijnParkinson’s therapy consists of medication and exercise. Most of the people with Parkinson’s use a drug dispenser to make sure they take their meds on time. I do.

How about exercise? I’ve seen and tested schedules, planners, reminders, both online and on paper. Even tried writing on a window, a bit like they do in detective series on tv. I do have the willpower, the discipline, I do understand the value of exercise in Parkinson’s, I have no trouble remembering anything, we’ve got a little indoor gym, all of it.

Still, nothing really visualised the daily need to get moving, walking, running, tai chi, whichever your favorite exercise is…so I devised a simple, effective and cheap solution:

The ExerciseDispenser

ExerciseDispenser Parkinsons

Many readers loved the ExerciseDispenser and are creating their own versions. Please share you personal ExerciseDispenser and please let me know what improvements you have made to it!


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