Do people with Parkinson’s still have…errr…

It’s not really sustainable, having a sports coach with Parkinson’s. I mean: how on earth will you be able to get around 2 years from now? You’ve got a disease that’s only going to get progressively worse. And, I’ve seen no end of older people with dementia. That doesn’t apply to you lot, obviously. But you know what I mean.

Yep. I know what you mean.
You mean that people with Parkinson’s shouldn’t really be embarking on ambitious new sports projects. You mean that, in your mind, sports men and women with Parkinson’s are in a different league altogether. You probably think it’s dangerous for people with Parkinson’s to set up their own sports training program, for example. That it’s an accident waiting to happen. That we’re no longer fully in command of all our faculties. That’s as may be. But that’s why we do an IQ test each month, to check whether our brains are still ticking over. If our score drops, even by a single point, then we stop coaching immediately. And, each month we jump on the scales. Each month, we take a FAB test (there’s nothing fababout it, by the way), TUG test and the infamous Stroop test. If we’ve become too fat, too slow, too stiff or too stupid, then, again, we stop immediately.


Can people with Parkinson’s still… errr…

But tell me, if you think that us people with Parkinson’s might not be your ideal sports coaches, then what else do you imagine we’ll be incapable of doing a couple of years from now? I can think of a few:


“You won’t be able to work in two years’ time.”
This could very well be true, as employers tend to be wary.

“You won’t be able to live independently in two years’ time.”
Again, this might be true. We could have an accident, for example.

“You won’t have sex in two years’ time. Or perhaps, that’s already the case.”
I admit, we might not still be at ALL the time… age does play a role.


Can people with Parkinson’s still…errr… enjoy sports and exercise?

Take it from me, we’ll be as fine as a frog’s hair. Because we’re investing in ourselves, in sports and exercise, and in our future. And, rest assured, two years from now we’ll definitely still be …errr …



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