Ah I know some with Parkinson's....

6 million reasons to smile :-)

6 million smilesWhy did I write ‘6 million reasons NOT to smile’ in my previous blog? Because I was sad. I needed hope, for me and my family, for a friend and his family. And for those 6 million others with parkinson’s.

A demanding kind of hope

Not just hope that one day…but a demanding kind of hope.  Get Me A Cure Now – kind of demanding. It was a demand driven by sadness.

Not fair

Not fair on researchers, carers, doctors, nurses or on any other health care professional who is working his or her socks off to find a cure or provide care – solely to help me, my family, my friend and his family and those 6 million others.

6 million reasons to smile

You, dear researchers, carers, doctors, nurses and any other pd health care professional, you DO give us reason to smile. You devise meds, therapies, operations and organisations – just to help us, 6 million pwp. Without you, our lives would be unbearable. Without you, we’d be on our own.

You are the ones who need the unflinching support of us, 6 million pwp. You are the ones who need to get to know us. You may well be the ones who need hope.


To comfort my friend, myself and those other 6 million other pwp, I wrote this in my previous blog: Put your hand in Life’s hand. Life is strong enough to carry you every now and then.

Thank you

To thank you, dear pd-professionals, I write this:
You make our Lives bearable. Thanks to you there are 6 million smiles a day, world wide. You need pwp as much as pwp need you to continue carrying the weight of Parkinson’s. Until one day…parkinson’s is out of our Lives and you’re, well, how can I put this, well, you’re out of a job.

Did I see a hint of a smile there?






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