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Condition – Focus – Multi-tasking – Balance – Power – Fun (and lots of it)

Who in their right mind would go boxing with Parkinson’s?

Well, in America, it’s all the rage. And with good reason: boxing is seriously beneficial. Of course, we’re talking about a special type of boxing, in which you learn all sorts of boxing skills, without knocking each other out for the count. That’s not the done thing in Parkinson’s boxing. I’ve been boxing at Rock Steady Boxing in Ede (aka Sparking Boxing against Parkinson’s) for a couple of years now. For me, boxing is the only good thing about Parkinson’s.

Who can take advantage of Parkinson’s boxing?

Anyone with Parkinson’s, who happens to enjoy sports and exercise. It’s important that you can walk reasonably well and are not prone to falling. You needn’t have any experience with boxing, martial arts or, indeed, any other sport. Your age is equally unimportant. If you’re partial to a spot of vigorous exercise, then Parkinson’s boxing is definitely for you.

Who are the organisers?
This is a collective initiative by MTC Huizen (ParkinsonNet Physiotherapy) and Rock Steady Boxing Ede. The Tergooi neurology department is also extremely enthusiastic about the project.

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