Ah I know some with Parkinson's too...

BBC World Service Radio ‘The truth about Parkinson’s’

BBC World Service Radio "The truth about Parkinson's - Research" Oct. 14th 2019. Presenter Jane Hill. Producer Geraldine Fitzgerald.

If you’ve got Parkinson’s, you tend to think that all those researchers should just get a blooming move on and find a cure. Or an effective therapy at the very least. I trust you researchers think the same. Yet, patients are on a totally different planet to researchers. From a distance, you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone on Planet Patient is the same. They might vary in terms of age and gender, but they have all got Parkinson’s. Similarly, you expect those on Planet Researcher to be the same, save too for their age and gender. But then you take a better look. And yep, up close and personal, you see that there’s actually no such thing as Uniform Parkinson’s, or Uniform Research. They’re not all cast in the same mould.

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